Vitamins for Promoting Nail Health

Nail Health

Your nails are the core representation of your overall health. Usually, it is quite common for many people that their nails can easily become flaky or parched due to several reasons. The possible main reasons for flaky nails are an unhealthy lifestyle and acrylic nail appointments.

The nail bed is responsible for constantly providing rise to the tissues of the nails. In addition, it also provides vitamins to these tissues to support the growth of nails. The providence of these nutrients to nail tissues also increases the strength of nails.

However, according to the best dermatologist in Lahore, if you note any change in nail colors then it may be a sign of nutrient deficiencies in nails. Additionally, changes in nail texture can also indicate several vitamin deficiencies.

The deficiencies of these vitamins may require you to consume several nutrients to maintain your nails healthy. A dermatologist can give more effective guidance about the use of vitamins for supporting nail health. Because every individual has a different appearance of nails. Therefore, to get effective results for your nail health, a dermatologist’s guide will help you more.

Vitamins for Nail Health

Here are vitamins, for supporting and improving nail health, that will also help you in improving overall health:

1- Magnesium

Almost more than three hundred reactions in the body are in need of magnesium. Therefore, if we don’t consume magnesium, there will be a negative impact on all these reactions. In addition, there will also be negative effects on protein synthesis due to a deficiency of magnesium in the body.

Protein synthesis is a must in the body because it is responsible for improving and supporting nail growth. Many people have vertical ridges in their nails but they do not know the reason for these ridges. However, if there is magnesium deficiency in the body then it may cause vertical ridges.

Magnesium is available in many things such as fruits and vegetables. Despite its presence in many natural things, most people experience a deficiency of magnesium. A report says that more than fifty percent of the population of the USA experience magnesium.

Therefore, it is a must for us to consume magnesium in high amounts to support nail health. Whether you consume magnesium through natural things or supplements, it does not matter, the consumption of magnesium is the only important thing.

Some natural and effective options such as whole grains and almonds will be more effective for you to maintain overall and nail health in a better way.

2- Biotin

People also call biotin, vitamin B7. The consumption of biotin in healthy amounts promotes cell growth in the body. In addition, biotin also supports the metabolism of protein-building. This building of protein is essential for nail growth.

If you experience nail problems and there is a deficiency of biotin, then there is a link between biotin deficiency and nail problems. Consuming biotin-rich foods will help in strengthening your nails that are brittle and weak. Additionally, some scientific studies also indicate that biotin is beneficial for brittle nails.

A study found that people who were experiencing brittle nails consumed biotin (2.5mg) every day for six weeks. The study concluded that there was an improvement in 63% of people in their symptoms due to the consumption of biotin.

Usually, doctors recommend consuming biotin from natural sources. However, if your body is not getting biotin from natural sources such as organ meats or eggs, then you consume biotin supplements after consulting a dermatologist.

3- Antioxidants

Many people forget the importance of biotin for their nails. But, the efficacy of biotin for nails requires that we need to keep consuming them. Antioxidants have nail-strengthening properties, and many people increase the strength of their nails by consuming antioxidants from different sources.

Vitamin C is the most important supplement for our nails and is also the best and most effective antioxidant for the body. In addition, vitamin C is also effective in increasing the synthesis of collagen in the body.

The consumption of vitamin E is also responsible for maintaining nail color in all people. Plus, it will also be easy for you to maintain nail health. Some people find it difficult to make a list of products or foods. You can add pumpkin, almonds, and beet greens to your diet for consuming vitamins in higher amounts.

4- Protein

Keratin has a major portion in making your nails. It is the protein that gives your nail strength in a good way. In addition, the consumption of keratin (structural protein) also plays a role in protecting your nails from damage and stress.

When you eat protein in higher amounts by consuming healthy foods, then it will boost keratin production and eventually create strong nails. In contrast, the low consumption of protein can make your nails weaker.

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