Custom Family Portrait Tips

custom family portrait

Fashion and hairstyles will always change, but great family portraits are timeless. There’s no better place to take a family portrait than one of those summer hangouts because we all want to capture the summer joy that comes with these sunny days! FastFrame’s designers are excited to assist you in this endeavor as we delve into some fun photo ideas with our 4 fab family portrait tips.

Rebooting an old custom family portrait can be a fun way to create a successful family portrait, whether you want to poke fun at it or pay homage. To recreate that special moment from the past, go back to that special place or pull those old clothes out of the attic. When grown children strike the same pose from when they were toddlers, it might even make for some amusing, unguarded moments.

Organize a Dance Party

Drinks should be made available, music should be played, and the family should perform their best dances. The unguarded moments will undoubtedly follow! If it fits in the budget, consider using a photographer for this idea. If not, simply hand around smartphones so that every one may take turns acting as the camera and alos check this topposttoday.

Bring it outside

When taking family portraits, it’s always a good idea to go outside. The photo studio at the department store is no longer using false backgrounds. Beautiful background sceneries and natural lighting can be found in the vast outdoors. To make the shot more meaningful, start a group chat with the family and look for a location that has some value.

Along with (but not physically) a Customized Family Portrait

Many families have been split up since the COVID-19 pandemic began due to travel and safe distance precautions. It can be difficult to be physically apart, so it’s critical to develop relationships and offer support to one another.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has put a halt to your long-overdue family photoshoots. Getting a group photo is already difficult due to everyone’s hectic schedules, and the pandemic restrictions make it even more difficult. A custom family portrait drawing is an excellent alternative and may the ideal gift to brighten the day for your loved ones. These personalized family portrait illustrations provide a one-of-a-kind way to commemorate our love for one another, whether we are physically together or apart.

Getting ready for a commission for a family portrait

Take advantage of this opportunity to go through your photo album or mobile phone roll. A custom family portrait drawing is more than just a purchase; it’s about getting everyone involved! The artist will work his/her magic with the photos you’ve chosen as a family to create a beautiful portrait illustration timeless gift that you and your family can look back on for years to come. Believe it or not, it will be a topic of conversation as well as a reminder of the unprecedented times we are living in.


Thinking about commissioning a portrait but not sure where to begin?

A collection of frequently asked questions and thorough responses has been put up. If you’ve been considering commissioning a custom portrait illustration but are unsure of the process, here it is!

How does it function?

Please take your time looking through our offerings to select the perfect present. You can search by event or receiver. Visit our blog for some further inspiration!

We offer portrait drawing services as well as a variety of portrait styles and gifts. Each piece is custom-made in Singapore.

When you’ve made up your mind, just upload your photos and place your order. Please take note of the lead time because each order is made to order.

I want to give my friend a portrait. Could you please draw these for me?

Without a doubt! This will make an excellent personalized gift to commemorate your friendship. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider getting a portrait.

We will directly send the item to your friend’s address and offer free gift wrapping. To discover nice pictures of them, stalk their Facebook or Instagram accounts.

How much time will it take to finish a portrait?

Depending on the gift item you selected, the drawing takes between 7 and 10 days to finish. Following order confirmation, each drawing is created by hand.

Do you offer photo printing and framing?

Sure, I do! We do provide printing and framing services for digital portrait illustrations. Prints are produced using long-lasting, high-quality Canon photo paper. Additionally, we’ll do everything we can to make sure the frames are top-notch.


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