Benefits of Medicine for Abortion

Medicine for Abortion in Dubai

There are many companies who are providing services related to abortion medicine and pills in different countries. Although using abortion medicine is illegal but in Dubai women especially girls are using abortion medicine in Dubai to get abortions. If any woman gets pregnant. She can call us anytime to our professional doctors. The following points may cause danger for a girl during her pregnancy before marriage. When studying today about abortion medicine in Dubai, this will usually the case from the age of 28+ at the earliest.

1. Would have difficulties with Abortion Medicine

Yes, I think there is an understandable reason (spoiler: this will also the case with the other reasons)
to become pregnant in the middle of your studies and to have to look after a child, possibly without having a partner who wants to support you I don’t think it’s the best way either. Especially since you can’t plan so much for the rest of your life at this point in time.

And I can also understand every woman who wants to gain a foothold in the profession for the first time, wants to gain some experience full-time before applying with a child or just starting part-time.

2. Not grown enough to have a child

Anti-abortion advocates might say that challenges make you grow, or that it makes you grow up quickly, or that “you can’t kill someone just because you refuse to grow up.”

But even if they could, it’s understandable once they have other plans at a younger age than having an (unwanted and unplanned child). Who really wants someone completely overwhelmed and answering with a bad feeling?

3. I don’t want to a single mom

And I can understand that too. It can then make a lot of things, from work to training, very difficult, perhaps only possible with the strong support of your own parents, which brings you into a new dependency and of course it can also make your own chances on the “partner market” correspondingly more difficult if you already have a child- It can an understandable desire to have the child in a functioning partnership where you support each other, where you have had time to get to know each other and build a relationship where you can see if it fits and if who are both better equipped to deal with the stress of having children (and the nice side of it).

4. Child planning already completed, does not want more children.

I can also understand very well. A friend of mine with three children has now had a vasectomy, also against the background that he says “Sleepless nights again and everything around it, I’m too old for that”. And with two, I have to say that it’s enough for me and I (current status) don’t want another one.

To add some logistics: The children’s rooms in our house fit perfectly, even if we had to sacrifice a study. We get by with a station wagon, experience has shown that with three children it is more likely to the minibus, etc.

5. Can’t afford a baby

The argument is certainly even more understandable in the USA, with a limited welfare system. But even in Germany, I can understand when women don’t want to sit out (again), want to work part-time, etc. In addition, there are risks of dropping out of an apprenticeship or getting a worse degree in a degree, or needing longer.

6. Not ready for a child yet

Actually, everything has already said. Of course, there can better times for a child, most people want a child when they have completed their education, have found their jobs, they have a functioning partnership, if possible with marriage in which the partner also wants a child.

7. Gender-Neutral Reasons

Many of these reasons are not exclusive to women either. Most men will also state that they are too young for an unwanted and unplanned pregnancy, they cannot afford it, they are not ready yet, and they wanted a child in a partnership and not with visiting weekends and payment obligations. They don’t want to give up their studies so that they can earn money straight away in a job because it’s needed right now. In this respect, completely gender-neutral reasons.

An ectopic pregnancy is life-threatening for the woman if not removed in time.

“And of course, I came across paragraph 219a at some point: whether that will be implemented. Do doctors stick to it? And then I found out that this is often not the case. The legislator wants women to have this information about where they can have an abortion only from the legally recognized counseling centers. Because they are committed to neutrality. They also have no financial advantage whether the woman has an abortion or not, they earn nothing from it. It would be different with the practice doctors, who of course could have a financial interest in it if a pregnant woman who is thinking: Should I have an abortion or not, then actually decides to have an abortion.”

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