Different Types And Models Of Microwave Oven Repair Service

Microwave Oven Repair Service

Fast and efficient, the microwave oven repair service is fitted to a large number of homes to cook, defrost or reheat your ready meals. Free-standing or built-in, it is practical and functional on a daily basis. Thanks to its trendy design and its glass, stainless steel or plastic finishes, it fits easily into any kitchen and comes in different types. Our microwave oven repair service experts are always to assist you that which microwave oven model will suit for you home.

The different Types of microwaves

The single-function microwave oven

Inexpensive to buy, a single-function microwave oven makes it possible to defrost, cook or reheat food easily and quickly. It can used in addition to a traditional oven.

The microwave grill

The microwave grill has the same characteristics as the single-function oven. The only difference is that there is a grill and several cooking levels for gratinating, baking pizzas, grilling or browning and crisping pies and cakes.

The combined microwave oven

The combined or multifunction microwave brings together the advantages and performance of a microwave oven and a traditional oven with convection heat but for cooking twice as fast thanks to its integrated fan which stirs the hot air to more even cooking.

The criteria for choosing your Microwave Oven

The type of board

For more even cooking, the microwave is equipped with a removable turntable that distributes the heat better. You need to pay attention to the size of this plate (between 27cm and 40cm) and the disengagement mode. The declutch mode consists of stopping the platter from rotating when the dish inside does not allow it or is too large.

Steam cooking

It all depends on your microwave. There are steam microwaves which are ideal for steam cooking since they have an internal steam generator.

Steam cooking is perfect for cooking fish or vegetables without the need to use fat. Thus, the cooking time will greatly reduced.

crispy baking

Crispy cooking depends on several heat sources such as that of the microwave grill as well as the rapid heating function to brown the top of your dishes.


Defrosting your bread in the oven takes a bit of time, doesn’t it? And defrosting your bread with an appliance that does not have the bread defrosting function will make your bread soft. Here we have the solution for you: the defrost option! This function is a real advantage and can also used with other foods, but careful, once your food has defrosted, you must eat it within hours.

electronic programming

Programming your appliance electronically saves time and helps you cook your food. This function allows you to cook your dishes using saved programs. The electronic programming also allows you to calculate the cooking time and power according to your dish.

The dimension

The microwave dimensions are as follows:

  • Height: between 25cm and 41cm
  • Width: between between 43cm and 60cm
  • Depth: between 30cm and 50cm

It’s up to you to choose which device is best suited to your needs and the space you have!

The timer

  • Mechanical with timer, power and function selector.
  • Electromechanical same base as mechanical but with a more precise timer since it is electronic.
  • Electronic with digital or LCD display for greater precision, it allows you to program the power and control the cooking time of the food. It incorporates automatic functions and programs.

Some appliances have the delayed start button (to program your cooking), the steam cooking function (vegetables and fish) for healthy and dietetic cooking or the keep warm function at the end of cooking. Other models are equipped with numerous accessories such as a rotisserie, a crusty plate or a drip pan.

Before use, take care never to introduce metallic objects and choose suitable dishes. To prevent food from exploding inside the appliance, cover the food with special microwave plastic wrap or use suitable covers or lids.

Your Needs

The main criterion to take into account before making your purchase is the actual daily use as well as the number of people at home:

  • Singles and couples without children: opt for a model with a capacity of 13 to 20 liters.
  • A couple with 2-3 children: opt for a device with a volume of 20 to 25 liters.
  • For a large family: a microwave of more than 25 liters will be best suited.

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