Game Localization and Its Important Aspects

Game Localization

The process of translation and localization is quite tough and challenging. An effective localization process asks for quality translation to sail through smoothly. Hence, translation is a must for all types of content and text no matter what.

Game localization is a process that deals with the translation of a video game for a particular market that is different than your home country’s market and not a native one. The process of localization encompasses globalization and the quality assurance process which is carried right from the text and adaptation of it accordingly.

Localization is a process that covers more than translation. The game localization services address the linguistic tasks including the game’s dialogue boxes, extracting strings from the code, and integrating these into a system which is for localization management.

The localization of a game is a hectic and challenging process. It is also technical to make the changes and adaptations according to a new market and audience as a lot of things need to be considered and scanned. Therefore, it is significant to go through the whole process peacefully and looked at the process with particular aspects in mind which are important and need great focus.

The most crucial and vital aspects of localization are


Translation plays a key role in making localization successful and seamless. Hence, whether it is about a game or website localization solution, a quality translation is a must. The translators need to carry out this process after realizing the real duties of the translation. They should understand how a quality translation is more than a plain conversion of text from one language to another. Translators involved should check if they are capable of doing a text which is related to the game as the game localization requires translation of technical content too. Moreover, if a translation agency performs the task they should be planning the right strategy considering how poor translation can affect localization.


Once the translation is done, editing is the next step to move forward. Tailoring and tweaking the content for better is extremely inevitable to make it to localization. Video games often include dialog boxes and offer limited space for the content to make it look good aesthetically as well as to meet technical reasons. Therefore, editing should be performed accordingly to make sure that the translation has been given its due. It is also significant for removing the errors which may occur in the translation work and ensuring that language is accurate and consistent.


The third important aspect to consider before game localization is taking care of proofreading. Professional and experienced proofreaders should be hired for the job. They should not only proficient in the languages but should have proven experience in linguistics and be able to understand the game content and format.


Integration is one fundamental aspect of game localization. it is also important for software localization services. This process deals with the incorporation of translated content, modification of the code to add the translated content to the game, and making adjustments to the user interface considering UI/UX designs and to make sure that these appear in the right way. This is the most technical part of game localization and requires additional concentration and focus. Also, it is important that only experienced people are given the task of integration so that things work out as per the plan and it does not get out of control.

Cultural and Regional Adaptions

The localization process has to take care of the regional adaptations too. You can not survive in a country with your terms and conditions. You have to modify your business practices and adhere to local market laws and norms. Going against the regional practices and culture may spark controversies leading to a blacklist or ban.

In China, for instance, they don’t allow bloodshed, skulls, and religious symbols in their video games.  Likewise, they don’t allow any such foreign game which includes any of the above-mentioned prohibited themes,s and hence you will have to make changes as per the demands of your target audience. Similarly, it is illegal to consume drugs or have drinks while playing games and sports. You need to consider this while working on the game that you intend to release in Australia. Korean people don’t find it entertaining to include religious themes in the games. So when you plan to localize your game, you have to carry out extensive research to understand the culture of the target market to know what changes your product might need. Thus, modifying on the basis of region, beliefs, and traditions of the market localization of a game is a must.

Localization Quality Assurance

This is extremely important to have a quality check as quality should not be promised in the localization process. It is further beneficial for language games. There are immense benefits of language games. However, you only get to reap the benefits when you work on quality and accuracy. Quality assurance involves the practice of verification of translation accuracy and incorporating it into the game. Also, marketing material should be included and considered to spread the word. A good marketing campaign in the regions where you plan to expand can be beneficial in the long run. 


Game localization is a technical and challenging process. The game developers should make sure that they follow the right practices for the execution of the localization. They should also consider certain aspects to understand the whole procedure to carry it forward well. Important aspects include translation, editing, proofreading, integration, and cultural and regional adaptations with localization quality assurance.

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