Furnace Repair Services Highlights the Importance of clean AC Coils

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Ac maintenance is of utmost importance. If your home or office has an air conditioning unit, then you should make sure that it gets regular maintenance. This can be done by calling an expert technician from Furnace Repair Services like Wayne’s Heating & Ac and getting your device checked.

There are many parts like the ducts, compressor, and refrigerant that require technicians’ care but apart from that, the AC coil also requires special care and attention. This terminology might confuse you if you are not an expert technician. You might be thinking, what is an AC coil? Why is it so important to clean it? And how can one know when to clean it? Worry not. In this blog, we will enlighten you about Air coil cleaning and the facts surrounding it.

Furnace Repair Services Explains What is an Air Conditioner coil?

The air conditioner coil is considered one of the most important parts of the air conditioning unit. It comprises two major parts.

Types of Air Conditioning Coil

An air-conditioning unit comprises two types of coils

  1. Evaporator coils

Evaporator coils play a crucial role in maintaining the atmosphere of the room. They absorb the heat and humidity present in the air.

  1. Condenser coils

A condenser coil in the air conditioning unit throws out the absorbed heat outside the building.

But the question still persists…Why is it important to clean the AC coil?

The major function of the coils is to transfer heat but they will be unable to perform their activities if covered in dirt and debris. If the coil is covered in gunk and dirt then all the channels to transfer heat outside will be blocked This can lead to another set of problems for which HVAC Repair and Maintenance is required like increased electricity consumption, compressor overburdened, and overheating of the air conditioning unit.

Furnace Installation in Ga Highlights the Reason for AC Coils Getting Dirty.

On the surface of the coil, moisture, dust, debris, and other pollutants get accumulated, resulting in severe damage to the coils. Thus, this will cause the air-conditioning unit to consume more electricity resulting in high electricity bills. Research shows that changing your air conditioner filters can increase the efficiency of the AC and reduce the bill considerably.

Outdoor condenser coils also get impacted by the dirt and debris of the surrounding areas like if the unit is covered with shrubs to conceal it, then the falling leaves will be hiding inside causing the coils to clog.

What are the problems caused by dirty AC coils?

Let us look at the effects of dirty AC coils on our air conditioning systems. A few of them are mentioned below.

  1. The cooling capacity decreases significantly.
  2. The energy consumption is high.
  3. There gets a buildup of ice on the coils.
  4. A high frequency of wear and tear is experienced.

How many times should one clean the AC Coils?

The rule of thumb is to clean the ac coils every two months or more to eliminate the dirt or debris. This routine is added to the yearly or bi-annual tuning required. But one still wonders when one should clean the coils. Following are a list of scenarios when you should clean the coils.

  • Always increase the cleaning frequency of the coils if the usage frequency is high.
  • It also depends on the air pollution levels of the area you are residing in.  if the air quality index is high in your area, then also try to clean the AC Coils more often.
  • The AC filters also have a high impact on the AC coils. How frequently you change the air filters will tell how often you should clean the AC Coils.

Some of the frequently asked questions are mentioned below. Let’s have a look.

Q: Why is my AC making weird noises?

Ans:  Shrieking, bubbling, humming, and squealing noises are some of the typical sounds that come from an air conditioning unit. The main cause can be an issue with the fan, a compressor, leakage, etc. It is best to check it by an expert technician rather than opening the air conditioning unit yourself.

Q: Is it normal for an AC Unit to make sounds?

Ans: a minute, steady blowing sound normally comes from an Air conditioning unit as it constantly blows the cold air inside the house through ducts and vents. It should be low enough to be considered as a subtle background sound.

Q: What does a bad home AC compressor sound like?

Ans: As soon as you switch on the Air conditioning unit and a horrible rattling sound comes by, worry not. It is not a snake gone wild in fact it is the sound of the compressor gone bad. It can also mean that you need a compressor replacement.

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