Miscarriage & Emergency Get Abortion Pills in Fujairah

Get Abortion Pills in Fujairah

Miscarriage and emergency get abortion pills in Fujairah is a very scary issue that many of us think about without really knowing what it means and why. Miscarriage is the natural or sudden termination of pregnancy; we are also talking about the interior of the “small self”.

Why Pregnancy?

The first thing that causes a miscarriage or get abortion pills in Fujairah is the abnormality of the embryo, due to problems that occur during the male and female sperm, when the sperm meets the egg. The female body does not keep this embryo which will not be able to develop properly.
Sometimes the egg does not implant properly in the uterus. So its development is difficult and it is being eliminated naturally.
It is during the first 12 weeks that the risk of miscarriage is greatest. This is called early miscarriage.
During this period, it is often not seen, because the egg is so small that it is left in the uterine secretions and menstruation. But miscarriage can happen later, after 12 weeks of amenorrhea. These can be developmental problems as well as problems with the uterus or cervix. Fortunately, as the pregnancy progresses, the risk decreases.

What are the signs of pregnancy?

Symptoms vary from woman to woman. The miscarriage can be indicated by heavy or light bleeding, sometimes accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen or back, similar to menstrual cramps.
Spotting does not mean miscarriage, and most pregnant women go on to have successful pregnancies. In fact, many women who are not pregnant bleed outside of their periods for other reasons.

What should be done? Any bleeding that is unusual, or not associated with a miscarriage, should be cause for investigation. In this case, the gynecologist or midwife are the interlocutors of choice. Pain, fever, loss of clear fluid such as water (which is the birth fluid) are also signs that should be challenged.

What can be mistaken for a miscarriage? Bleeding outside of menstruation has many causes (different diagnoses) and does not mean miscarriage.
It seems obvious, but it is always good to keep it in mind: because there is a miscarriage, there must be a pregnancy. Before you worry, ask yourself this question: can I get pregnant?

Pregnancy is common

If abortion is common in France, however, it is a difficult event for the couple to live together. In this case, everything happens when the miscarriage happens again and again…
When the woman has multiple miscarriages, another test is done to find out what might be going on. Chromosomal anomalies or uterine malformations can, for example, explain long-term infertility. Get down and get ideas!

The practice of sports activities increases the risk of miscarriage: everything depends on the activity. For a pregnant woman, swimming or walking will not feel like a trampoline.
Making love can trigger miscarriage: no studies have shown a link between sex and miscarriage. And it’s good luck.
Bleeding during pregnancy is a miscarriage: Bleeding during pregnancy does not mean that the abortion itself is occurring; in any case, any metrorrhagia is a symptom to be taken seriously and explained as soon as possible.
I had a miscarriage, it will be difficult for me to get pregnant later: not at all, one miscarriage does not mean that it will happen again.
I was stressed at the beginning of pregnancy, which is why it ended: stress is not scientifically proven to be the cause of termination of pregnancy. This received opinion is the source of guilt that is often experienced.

Norlevo or Ellaone causes miscarriage: taking an emergency medicine does not increase the chances of pregnancy later! It is also important to remember that what these drugs do is not to cause abortion, but to prevent ovulation.

Miscarriage is not an important matter on a psychological level:

It is important to be able to talk about it with people you trust around you and with professionals. Each couple will experience the termination of pregnancy differently. If the miscarriage happens in the woman’s body, it also lives in everyone’s head, with the man being equally upset. Miscarriage is a natural phenomenon. It involves terminating an impossible pregnancy to allow another person to develop properly. In case of concern, doubt, hesitation, talking to your doctor is the best way to listen and support.

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