Asthma Causes And How To Cure It?

How To Cure Asthma.

First question in everyone’s mind how to cure Asthma when you feel at first time. Asthma is a disease that affects the bronchi. During an asthma attack, the bronchial tubes become inflamed and narrow, allowing air to circulate more efficiently in the lungs. That’s why we have breathing problems. It is estimated that 1 in 7 children and 1 in 20 adults suffer from asthma.

Asthma, What is it in Details

During how to cure Asthma, first to know that it is a lung disease defined by the discomfort of the bronchi at the end. It is important to find the cause of asthma so that you can treat it properly. The cure for asthma is adjusted according to the severity and its onset. It is a chronic inflammation of the respiratory system, and especially of the bronchi and bronchioles. It is an illness that results from a disturbance that can be temporary and that is often separated by a normal breathing period. Symptoms can range from shortness of breath to difficulty breathing. Problems usually occur in the evening or at night. They include labored breathing, wheezing, chest tightness, and a dry cough.

In some people, asthma only appears as “shortness of breath” that gets worse over time. Often, they do not realize that they are asthmatic without other symptoms. It is only from the age of 50 or 60 that the symptoms worsen suddenly, sometimes dramatically. Causes of asthma:
The causes of asthma are not well understood, although genetic and environmental factors are known.

Asthma Attack:

  • The problem corresponds to the severity of the symptoms. In most people, asthma is characterized by occasional attacks, breathing is a normal external attack.An asthma attack has two main causes:
  • It could be an allergy. Allergies to pollen, for example, are common. Pollution (pesticides, body odor, etc.) is also a major cause.
  • It can be done through effort: it triggers during exercise, “generally 10 to 15 minutes after the start of the effort”. This asthma is an effort related to the cleaning of the respiratory tract.

When You Have Asthma:

The diagnosis of asthma is based on asking the patient questions, and on tests to measure his breathing capacity.

Maximum Meter:

A peak flow (or peak) meter is a tool that helps asthmatics measure their breathing capacity at any given time. This important tool makes it possible to recognize the beginning of an asthma attack or measure the effect of treatment. That’s why knowing how to use a peak flow meter is important for people with asthma. Frequent and regular DEP measurement is a useful indicator to know the onset of asthma. This measurement should always be done to know if the treatment is complete (and correct it, if necessary), as well as to recognize immediately the possibility of worsening of asthma.

The Spirometer:

Spirometry is a test that is part of the EFR (respiratory function test). It is a simple and non-invasive method designed to evaluate the respiratory function of a person by comparing it with that of a member of the race, height, weight and age (normative values). Based on this comparison, it will be determined whether the patient has a lung condition and what type of condition it is.

Therefore, Spirometry is a painless test without any prescription to measure it

  1. Lung volume (the amount of air in the lungs);
  2. Transient (the movement of air is expelled during the “forced” end, that is, voluntary and maximum.

Treatment: How to Treat Asthma?

Effective treatment allows people with asthma to live full lives. For this, they will learn to recognize the disease, know how to control it by identifying especially the factors that cause chaos. The main treatment: it must be taken every day, even when the patient is not breathing well, if the asthma is moderate and persistent. These drugs (corticosteroids) reduce the inflammation of the tubes of the bronchi and reduce the frequency of seizures. If their dosage is not respected, the frequency and severity of attacks increases, as well as the need to start treatment of the problem.

Emergency Treatment, or Help:

Must be taken as soon as symptoms appear, and they are called by other methods such as bronchodilators that act quickly. They have an instant pump consisting of sickness with bronchi to support breathing, but they do not let go of pain.

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